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Kids care and development (development of mental level of kids at tender age)

Education is the biggest and most important part of anyone’s life. I wonder, being a part of biggest innovation and discovery of education and spirituality, India is still steps back in education and skills development sector.
Explaining the whole stuff may be messy; hence I would like to suggest few things to develop skills and knowledge at home in your kids and children. As far as the studies and researches are done on children and their mental development, a simple conclusion can be derived i.e. at the tender age of kids when we (Indian Parents) plan to admit our child/children in primary/play schools; we usually pay attention to one important thing i.e. the standard of school and quality education system meanwhile we miss out one thing completely i.e. working self on mental development of children/kids. One think must be noticed i.e. “mental development” here refers to the development of IQ level of children/kids. When we talk about IQ, we generally derive a simple meaning that is intelligence level or in simple words you can say it is a calculative mind power i.e. How fast is your kid in analyzing and capturing things?

Here, I would like to tell you one more stuff i.e. EQ (Emotional Quotient), well, before I tell you anything about EQ let me explain you two parts of brain i.e. one is left brain (focused to calculate things or simple we can say IQ) at the another part right brain is imaginary or for an example you can say it works on designs, imaginations, drawings etc., anyways, so EQ is a kind of stuff which generally measures your creative capability, may be in scientific calculations EQ can derive some other meanings , but did u guys noticed one thing i.e. depression? In India, depression is still considered as an abnormal stuff/problem, where as it is a common thing in western countries. I tell you the reason for this diversion of thoughts in abroad and in India, actually, we people are more EQ based rather than IQ , we handle things/stuffs/problems with a common thought of “it has to be happened” or “it is a part of destiny” or simple we say “it happens” or many more like wise concepts. Don’t mind, I am not diverting you from the original scene, I hope now you guys get some clarity about IQ and EQ. Now back to the subject, EQ or emotions/ feelings/ imaginations are what we fail to develop at that tender age of mental development of children.

Now your question will be; how we fail in that? In fact we care a lot about our children. Hmm, ok, I agree, but what we generally do? We simply train the minds with the pre designed stuffs, for example, teaching A for Apple and B for Boy simply define that the core mind of child will make a permanent image of Apple with the word A, and in fact its impact will be forever because it is taught to them at the time when their mind is empty to gain anything. Anyways, a personal experience as while going though different studies, I find out one thing, instead of training minds with pre-designed stuffs, if we simply leave the child with their own creations, they will get more concentrated to EQ and development of minds will be far better than any training plan.
Now the question arises, how to do that? Don’t worry; in coming sessions, I will explain the whole things in detail.

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