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D-Innovation’s main motive is to help out students all the way. Our priorities; taking students to the right path, help them to choose right schools and colleges suiting their needs. We will also guide you to shape your career better with lots of professional courses, short term, vocational and other courses after schooling. A well known fact is every student has different criteria in terms of his mental capability, learning capacity, career goal, personal interest and in fact family background and financial status too, so their choices for career varies a lot. Here we will help you out with the best possible alternatives matching your criteria with our Counseling and information.

Schools are now become highly conscious about their students and students` performances. Fast running life and hard core competitions are major issues which directly pressurizes a student to perform best to stay in the race of success. Schools also wishes their students to be the best, as if they have failed to do so, it will affect the goodwill of School. At another side, parents are also bothered about their kids’ studies and their performances. Overall it can conclude that a complex situation has been raised among Schools, Parents and Students.

Weekly ‘Parent-teacher’ meetings
are become common in all schools. Not only that but monthly meetings, quarterly meetings and discussion meetings about the performance of a student with his/her parent at result time has become very common. D-innovation finds out in a survey that many parents are bothered of these kinds of meetings and discussions as because of high busy schedule and fast running life. In fact, one more hidden thing came out in this survey is, students are feeling themselves ‘repressed and depressed’. However, we have taken an initiative to release out these pressures from the mind of parents and students and in fact
it will also help out schools to create an easy environment for communication.

What we do:

We will communicate with the school on your behalf and report you every detail about your child (like attendance, regularity, performance, exam results and in fact if require, we will also counsel your child). The reports will either e-mail you or SMS you as per your demand. If require we will call you also time to time. In all, we facilitate you the way you wish. So finally, this facility is not only about liberal communication but a complete solution in form of Counseling, Consultancy and all relevant helps.

You can write us at to demand this facility. We will cost you INR 2000 for one year subscription for this facility.