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Expert ‘mantra’ for this season of exams

As the exams are coming our experts are telling you how to manage your study schedule and how to increase your memory power;
First of all, we would like to tell you that according to Science, we never forget anything. Here we will explain you how;
Here we will just provide you simple facts and logics so that you can understand it easily. We don’t want to confuse you so will not bother you with deep scientific words and unnecessary definitions.

Mind is categorized in three parts;

Conscious Mind: This is the active part of mind, whatever we study remains in our conscious mind and this is the state where we students say, ‘yes I remember what I studied’. So try to avoid unnecessary stress and keep your mind cool to maintain your learning power.

Sub-conscious Mind: This is our base mind; what we are, what our behavior is and what our actions will be, all depends on this part. But as we are discussing about ‘learning power’ so in terms of forgetting anything we would like to tell you, when anything moves from Conscious mind to Sub-conscious mind, this is the state where people often say, ‘Oh! I forgot’. You might note it sometime when you focus a little more on your mind and suddenly you recover the things you studied earlier; those things are in Sub-conscious mind.

Unconscious Mind: If your memory is lost, it means it has went to your Unconscious mind, here we will not discuss it more as it has no big relevance with the students.

The motive behind explaining you the categorization of mind is just to explain you that if you do meditation under guidance of a `Guru` (because it is necessary to do it in right way) it will improve the connection between Conscious and Sub-conscious mind and directly help you to increase your memory power
The motive behind telling you about the parts of the mind is to let you know that nothing goes out anywhere from our mind; now here are some tips to increase your learning power;

Don’t study continuously for a long time, give a break of 5-10 minutes after every 45 minutes of study (this will help you to learn things better, as after a break of 5-10 minutes mind will refresh and whatever you have studied will kept in your conscious mind for a longer period).

For better results, do revisions; whatever you study remains in your conscious mind for a short period so do revise it in three hours of your study, repeat your revision again in 24 hours and then revise it once again in 7 days (as according to mind studies, this procedure can help you a lot to remember things easily).

Avoid taking any memory boosting pills instead of that do meditation and prefer morning walk; as fresh oxygen is really beneficial for the healthy mind.

If you need to wake up till late in nights while exams; drink some water every half hour; as it will keep you fresh.

This is especially for college students; avoid intoxication, it affects your memory badly.

Use green tea instead of regular tea, if you are addicted and can’t live without it.

We often analyze, during the exams time, students, in fact, did not leave their books and study material till the last minutes of their exams starts, psychologically it shows the pressure on your mind, and these things can vanish a lot of things you studied earlier. We recommend you to leave studying or learning at least 2 hours before your exam starts.

Don’t bother your mind, stay calm and give your exams comfortably. We wish you best of luck, if still having problems feel free to contact us at

We will soon be back with some more interesting facts and helpful tips.

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