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D-Innovation’s main motive is to help out students all the way. Our priorities; taking students to the right path, help them to choose right schools and colleges suiting their needs. We will also guide you to shape your career better with lots of professional courses, short term, vocational and other courses after schooling. A well known fact is every student has different criteria in terms of his mental capability, learning capacity, career goal, personal interest and in fact family background and financial status too, so their choices for career varies a lot. Here we will help you out with the best possible alternatives matching your criteria with our Counseling and information.


  1. Aakashdeep Public School,Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  2. Adarsh Bal Niketan, Sardar B S Colony,Sikar Road,Reengus, Dist. Sikar
  3. Adarsh Bal Bharti Sec. School, Azad Nagar, Nawalgarh Road, Sikar
  4. Adarsh Bharti Gyanpeeth Sec. School, Chhawani,Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  5. Akhil Bharti Shikshan Sansthan, Bajaj Road, Sikar
  6. Anjuman Muslim Girls Sec Sch,Mohalla Kureshian,Sikar
  7. Arvind Bal Niketan Sec. School, Sikar
  8. Arya Shiksha Niketan Sec. School, Tarpura, Sikar
  9. Aravali Public School, Sp-1 Riico Industrial Area, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  10. All Rajasthan Public Sec. School, Sikar
  11. Azad Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  12. Bhartiya Sr. Sec. School, Patel Nagar, Naval Garh Road ,Sikar
  13. Bhartiya Sr. Sec. School, C. C. Singh Nagar, Sikar
  14. Bharat Bharati Sr.Sec. School, Polo Ground , Sikar
  15. Badri Das Bidawat Primery School, Sikar
  16. Bal Bharti Public School, Sihot Bari, Sikar
  17. Bhartiya Public School, Near Sawali By-Pass, Sikar
  18. Bhartiya Public School, Sanwali Road, By Pass Circle, Sikar
  19. Bhartiya Shiksan Sansthan
  20. Bagadia Bhavan Sr. Sec. School, Laxmangarh, Sikar
  21. Bal Vidaya Mandir, Ramgarh, Sikar
  22. Bal Niketan Public School, Khora, Dantaramgarh, Sikar
  23. Bal Vikas Sec. School, Losal, Sikar
  24. Bharat Public Sr. Sec. School, Raipura, Ranoli, Sikar
  25. Bhaskar Public Sr. Sec. School, Godawas, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  26. Bhawani Niketan Sr. Sec. School, Basant Vihar, Sikar
  27. Bhawani Niketan Sec. School, Badalwas, Sikar
  28. Bright Birds Sec. School, Piprali Road, Sikar
  29. Bright Career Public School, Pushp Nagar, Srimadhopur, Sikar
  30. Central Academy, Sikar
  31. Central Children Academy, Reengus, Sikar
  32. Central Public Sec. School, Khandela, Sikar
  33. Chitrakoot Public School, Nh 11, Sujawas Road, Goriyan, Sikar
  34. Chamaria Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  35. Daffodils World School, Jeevan Nagar,Sanwali Road, Sikar
  36. Devara Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  37. Digambar Jain Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  38. Duggar Girls Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  39. Delhi Public Sec. School, Rasheedpura, Sikar
  40. Eternal Life Sec. School, Ward No-14, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  41. Excellence Girls' Sr Sec Sch,Sikar
  42. Euro International School, Chandpura Chauraha,Near Todi Nagar , Sikar
  43. Emennual Mission School, Main Bajar, Sikar
  44. Fatima Conventt High School, Sikar
  45. Gramin Adarsh Vidhya Mandir, Lanpuwa, Sikar
  46. Gramin Bal Vikas Shikshan Sansthan, Kawat, Sikar
  47. Gramin Bal Vikas Sr. Sec. School, Ranoli, Sikar
  48. Gyan Bharti Shiksan Sansthan, Khatushyamji Road, Reengus
  49. Gyan Bharti Shikshan Sansthan, Palsana, Sikar
  50. Gyan Dev Public School, Gayatri Nagar, Sikar
  51. Gyan Sarovar Vidhya Public Sec. School, Piprali Road, Sikar
  52. Gyandeep Sec. School, Reengus, Sikar
  53. Govt. Newatiya Girls Sec. School, Sikar
  54. Govt. Newatiya Sec. School, Sikar
  55. Goenka Public School, Laxmangarh, P.O. Khuri-Bari, Sikar
  56. Govt. Sec. School, Bathod, Sikar
  57. Govt. Sec. School, Biraniya, Sikar
  58. Govt. Sec. School, Mandela, Sikar
  59. Govt. Sec. School, Rajas, Sikar
  60. Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Rashidpura Khuri, Sikar
  61. Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Khandela, Sikar
  62. Govt. School, Gothada Bhukaran,Sikar
  63. Gyanodaya Public School, Post Dadiya, Dist. Sikar
  64. Gurukul International School, Fatehpur, Dist. Sikar
  65. Home Public School, Fatehpur, Sikar
  66. Indian Public Sec. School, Piprali Road, Opp. Reliance Petrol Pump, Sikar
  67. Iqra Public School, Fatehpur Road, Mohalla New Roshan Ganj, Sikar
  68. Islamiah Sr. Sec. School, Seth Noor Mohd. Qureshi Road, Sikar
  69. Jaipur School, Jaipur Road, Sikar
  70. Jain School, Sikar
  71. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Patanteh, Sikar
  72. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Patan, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  73. Jyoti Bal Vidya Niketan, Sikar
  74. Jai Public Sec. School, Chhawani, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  75. Jyotiba Rao Bal Bharti Niketan, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  76. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bajaj Road, Sikar
  77. Keshav Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Near Shyam Mandir, Banka Road, Pithor Nagar, Sikar
  78. Kishan Public Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  79. Ladani Academy, Todi College Road, Laxmangarh, Sikar
  80. Lal Bahadur Shastri Shiksan Sansthan, Sikar
  81. Laxminath Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  82. Lal Bahadur Shastri Bal Niketan, Devipura, Sikar
  83. Malviya Vidhya Mandir Sec. School, Ramgarh, Sikar
  84. M K Memorial Sr. Sec. School, Piprali Road, Sikar 23
  85. Maroo Middle School, Vpo Palwas, Dist. Sikar
  86. Mody Public School, Laxmangarh, Sikar
  87. Molana R. B. Memorial Shiksan Sansthan, Sikar
  88. Morden Prince Sr. Sec. School, Taranagar, Sikar
  89. Mahala Residential Public School, Khatu Shyam Ji Road, Reengus, Distt Sikar
  90. Mody School, Guru Vasishth College Building, Lakshmangarh, Sikar
  91. Nimawat Public School, Fatehpur-Shekhawati, Sikar
  92. Nation Bulding Public School, Reengus, Sikar
  93. Nav Prerna Sikshan Sansthan, Nawalgarh Road, Hanuman Nagar, Sikar
  94. Naveen Bal Niketan School, Vsikar, Opposite Of Clc Street, Piprali Road, Sikar
  95. Naveen Bhartiya School,Khoor,Sikar
  96. Navjeevan Sr. Sec. School ,Sikar
  97. New Rajasthan Sec. School, Sikar
  98. Naveen Bal Bharti, Jat Colony, Sikar
  99. Panna Lal Chitalangia Sec. School, Sikar
  100. Public Secondary School, Piprali Road, Opp. Reliance Petrol Pump,Sikar
  101. Poddar Girls Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  102. Police Line School, Sikar
  103. Prerana Sr. Sec. School, Nawalgrah, Sikar
  104. Prince Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  105. Paras Public Sec. School, Sirohi Nadi, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  106. Pragati Bal Mandir Sec. School, Patan, Sikar
  107. Prerna Public Sec. School, Nawalgarh Road, Sikar
  108. Rajasthan Bal Vidhya Mandir, Fatehpur Road, Sikar
  109. Rajasthan Public Sr. Sec. School, Neemkathana, Sikar
  110. Ram Krishna Shiksha Niketan, Ajeetgarh, Sikar
  111. Rashtriya Unnati Shikshan Sansthan, Sikar
  112. R K Maru School, National Highway 11,Sikar
  113. Ravindra Bal Niketan, Station Road, Sikar
  114. Ravindra Public School, Netarwas, Sikar
  115. Royal Education Academy, Sikar
  116. S.M. Nimawat Public School, Fatehpur-Shekhawati, Sikar
  117. St. Mary's Sr. Sec. School, Jaipur Road, Sikar
  118. Shree Hindi Vidya Bhawan Secondary School, Bajaj Road,Sikar
  119. Swami Keshwanand Sr. Sec. School, Kirdoli Road,Sikar
  120. Shree Digamber Jain Sr. Sec. School, Bajaj Road ,Sikar
  121. Shree Badridas Bidawatjika Sr. Sec. School, Near Head Post Office, Sikar
  122. Shree Radha Krishna Maroo Public Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  123. Shastri School, Charansingh Nagar, Sikar
  124. S K Govt. School, Opp. Of Mittal Hosp., Silver Jubli Road, Sikar
  125. S R Sr. Sec. School, Laxmangrah,Sikar
  126. Shekhawati Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  127. Shree Kalyan Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  128. Shrimati Gulabi Devi Madhyamic School, Sikar
  129. S. L. Dhanuka Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Sikar
  130. Saraswati Shiksan Sansthan, Sikar
  131. Shree Badridas Bidawatjika Senior Secondary School, Near Head Post Office, Sikar
  132. Shree Radha Krishna Maroo Public Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  133. Shrimati Gulabi Devi Madhyamic School, Sikar
  134. Sikar Vidyapeeth, Basant Vihar, Near Navjeevan Hospital, Sikar
  135. Sir Sayyad Sec. School, Sikar
  136. Sofia Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  137. Sri Kalyan Sr. Sec. School, Sikar
  138. Subhash Sr. Sec. School, Sewad Bari, Sikar
  139. Sulochana Vishwanath Girls Sr.Sec. School, Sikar
  140. Sunshine International School, Vpo - Katrathal, Sikar
  141. Subodh Sr. Sec. School, Krishan Colony,Sikar
  142. S. B.N.S. Sec. School, Devipura, Sikar
  143. Sanjay Gandhi Sec. School, Reengus, Dist. Sikar
  144. Sanskar Bharti Vidhya Niketan, Palsana, Sikar
  145. Saraswati Adarsh Vidhya Mandir, Patan, Sikar
  146. Saraswati Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. School, Ajitgarh, Sikar
  147. Saraswati Bal Vidhya Mandir, Dasa Ki Dhani,Sikar
  148. Saraswati Bal Niketan, Divrala, Sikar
  149. Saraswati Public Sr. Sec. School, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  150. Saraswati Sec. School, Jat Colony, Sikar
  151. Saraswati Vidhya Mandir, Basant Bihar, Sikar
  152. Sarvodaya Public Sec. School, Piprali Road, Sikar
  153. Savitri Girls Sr. Sec. School, Laxmangarh, Sikar
  154. Shree Shyam Public Sec. School, Srimadhopur, Sikar
  155. Shaheed J P Yadav Govt. Sec. School, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  156. Sharma Public Sec. School, Kawat, Sikar
  157. Shashtri Public Sr. Sec. School, Neemkathana, Sikar
  158. Shivdan Gyanpeeth Sec. School, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  159. Shraddha Bal Mandir Sansthan, Malio Ki Dhani, Laxmangarh, Sikar
  160. Shree Gramin Bal Vidhya Mandir, Khood, Sikar
  161. Tagore Public Sec. School, Katrathal, Sikar
  162. Tagore Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. School, Radhakrishanpura, Sikar
  163. Tagore Public Sec. School, Thoi, Sikar
  164. Tagore Public Sr. Sec. School, Nawal Garh Road, Sikar.,Sikar
  165. Vardhman Vidya Vihar Sec. School, Bajaj Road,Sikar
  166. Vandana Public School,Sikar
  167. Vidya Bharati Public School , Todinagar,Sikar
  168. Vidya Bharati Public School 'Sikar'rajasthan,Sikar
  169. Vidya Bharati Public School, Opp. Police Line 88, Sikar
  170. Vidya Bharti Public School Sikar,Sikar
  171. Vidya Bharti Shiksa Samitee, Sikar
  172. Vidya Niketan Sr Sec School, Kankar Wali Dhani, Trilokpura Ranoli, Sikar
  173. Vidya Bharti Public School, Sikar
  174. Vidya Bharati Public School, Opp. Police Line ,Sikar
  175. Vardhman Shikshan Sansthan, Gokulpura, Sikar
  176. Vidhya Bharti Shikshan Sansthan, Ajeetgarh, Sikar
  177. Vidhya Niketan Sec. School, Housing Board Colony, Sikar
  178. Vikas Public Sec. School, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar
  179. Vivekanand Public Sec. School, Fathepur-Shekhawati, Sikar
  180. Vivekanand Public Sec. School, Ajeetgarh, Sikar