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D-Innovation’s main motive is to help out students all the way. Our priorities; taking students to the right path, help them to choose right schools and colleges suiting their needs. We will also guide you to shape your career better with lots of professional courses, short term, vocational and other courses after schooling. A well known fact is every student has different criteria in terms of his mental capability, learning capacity, career goal, personal interest and in fact family background and financial status too, so their choices for career varies a lot. Here we will help you out with the best possible alternatives matching your criteria with our Counseling and information.

  1. Adarsh Bal Mandir, Kuchamancity, Nagaur
  2. Adarsh Vidhya Mandir, Merta Road, Nagaur
  3. Adarsh Vidhya Niketan Sec. School, Kuchera, Nagaur
  4. Anand Public Sec. School, Nawa Shahar, Nagaur
  5. Aakanksha Sec. School, Lohiyon Ka Chowk, Nagaur
  6. Adarsh Sr. Sec. School, Bhopalgadh Road, Gotan, Nagaur
  7. Bangaur Sr. Sec. School, Nagaur Road, Nagaur
  8. Bhawani Public School, Degana, Nagaur
  9. Blue Rose Public School, Degana, Nagaur
  10. Blue Rose Uach Madhyamic Vidhayalya, Degana Nagaur Bal Niketan Sec. School, Borawal, Nagaur
  11. Bal Vidhya Mandir, Ladnu, Nagaur
  12. Bhartiya Shikshan Sansthan,Ladnu, Nagaur
  13. Bright Star Sec. School, Nawa, Nagaur
  14. Brightland Sec. School, Kaarpura, Nagaur
  15. Danial Mayo School, Timber Market, Nagaur
  16. Emmanuel Mission Sec. School, Sainik Basti, Bikaner Road, Nagaur
  17. Gandhi Bal Niketan, Gadhawas-Deedwana, Nagaur
  18. Gaytri Shikshan Sansthan, Maroth, Nagaur
  19. Geetanjali Public Sr. Sec. School, Borawar, Nagaur
  20. Gramin Vidhyapeeth Girls School, Nagaur
  21. Gayatri Bal Niketan Sansthan, Gayatri Nagar, Degana Nagaur
  22. Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Station Road, Nagaur
  23. Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Nagaur
  24. Govt. Sec. School, Bakhat Sagar, Near Mahi Darwaja, Nagaur
  25. Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Khiyala Road, Nagaur
  26. Gramotthan Vidya Peeth Girls Sr. Sec. School, Near Nagaur Stadium, Nagaur
  27. Gurukul Public School, Degana, Nagaur
  28. Hind Girls School, Nagaur
  29. Hind Public School, Nagaur
  30. Hind Public Sr. Sec. School, NagaurIndian Public Sec. School, Jasnagar, Nagaur
  31. Jai Hind Bal Niketan, Jayal, Nagaur
  32. Jain Vishwa Bharati School, Ladnu, Nagaur
  33. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kuchamancity, Nagaur
  34. Kamal Madhyamic Vidhyalya, Riyabadi, Nagaur
  35. L K Singhania Education Centre, Gotan, Nagaur
  36. Lakshmipath Singhania School, Kankroli, Nagaur
  37. Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Niketan, Near Mahi Gate, Nagaur
  38. Montessori School, Nagaur Madarsa Hanfia Sufia Sec. School, Nagaur
  39. Mayor Sec. School, Makrana, Nagaur
  40. Meera Bal Mandir School, Merta City, Nagaur
  41. Merta Shikshan Sansthan, Merta City, Nagaur
  42. New Modal Progress School, Degana, Nagaur
  43. Nehru Bal Niketan, Deedwana, Nagaur
  44. New Montessori Public School, Deedwana, Nagaur
  45. Noble Sr. Sec. School, Kuchamancity, Nagaur
  46. Raj Shiksha Sansthan, Gotan, Nagaur
  47. Rajasthan Shikshan Sansthan, Dujar, Ladnu, Nagaur
  48. Rajeev Gandhi Memorial School, Nagaur
  49. Rana Bai Public Sec. School, Borabad, Nagaur
  50. Rajkiya Balika Sr. Sec. School, Degana, Nagaur
  51. Rajkiya Sr. Sec. School, Degana, Nagaur
  52. Rana International School, Ajmer Road, Degana, Nagaur
  53. Rana Public School, Degana, Nagaur
  54. Santosh Adarsh Sr. Sec. School, Inside Garh, Sadar Bazar, Riyanbari, Nagaur
  55. Seth Kishan Lal Kankaria Govt, Sr. Sec. School, Station Road, Nagaur
  56. Sharda Bal Niketan, Degana, Nagaur
  57. Sharda Bal Niketan, Near Dadabari, Nagaur
  58. Sharda Balika Niketan, Dadawari, Nagaur
  59. Shree Rana Bai Senior Sec School Manglana Road, Makrana, Nagaur
  60. Shree Vijyanand Suri Sr. Sec. School, Near Dadawadi, Nagaur
  61. St. Anselm's School, Behind Police Line, Nagaur
  62. St. Paul's School, Kuchaman City, Nagaur Sainath Vidhya Mandir, Dehli Road, Nagaur
  63. Saraswati Bal Mandir Shikshan Sansthan, Jayal, Nagaur
  64. Saraswati Bal Vidhya Mandir, Veer Teja Ji Colony, Makrana, Nagaur
  65. S D S Girls Sec. School, Kuchaman City, Nagaur
  66. Seth S M B Govt. Girls Sr. Sec School, Ladnu, Nagaur
  67. Shree Digamber Jain Sec. School, Kuchaman City, Nagaur
  68. Shree Falodi Parashavnath Sec. School, Merta Road, Nagaur
  69. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Memorial School, Dhankoli, Nagaur
  70. Sharda Sr. Sec. School, Nagaur
  71. Shekhawati Shiksha Niketan, Jaswantgarh, Nagaur
  72. Shishu Niketan School, Chhajero Ka Mohalla, Merta City, Nagaur
  73. Shree Jai Hind Vidhya Niketan, Makrana, Nagaur
  74. Shree Gurukul Vidhya Peeth, Degana, Nagaur
  75. Shubham Public Sec. School, Devlikalan,Teh-Nava, Nagaur
  76. S M Banuda Ss,Kuchamancity
  77. St. Xeviours’ Sec. School, Nagaur
  78. Tagore Public Sec. School, Nagaur
  79. Tagore Shikshan Sansthan, Kuchaman City, Nagaur
  80. Tagore Central Sec. School, Nagaur
  81. Veer Teja Public School, Degana, Nagaur
  82. Vimal Vidya Vihar, NagaurVeer Teja Mahila Shikshan Sansthan, Teja Sthali, Marwar-Mundwa, Nagaur
  83. Veer Teja Sr. Sec. School, Kuchaman City, Nagaur
  84. Vidhya Bharti Shiksha Sadan, Ladnu, Nagaur
  85. Vishnu Bal Niketan Sec. School, Sanjay Colony, Nagaur
  86. Vivekanand Bal Niketan School, Degana, Nagaur
  87. Vivekanand Sec. School, Hospital Road, Makran, Nagaur
  88. Vivekanand Shikshan Sansthan, Deedwana, Nagaur