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D-Innovation’s main motive is to help out students all the way. Our priorities; taking students to the right path, help them to choose right schools and colleges suiting their needs. We will also guide you to shape your career better with lots of professional courses, short term, vocational and other courses after schooling. A well known fact is every student has different criteria in terms of his mental capability, learning capacity, career goal, personal interest and in fact family background and financial status too, so their choices for career varies a lot. Here we will help you out with the best possible alternatives matching your criteria with our Counseling and information.

  1. Dr. B R Ambedkar Govt. Resi. Sec. School,Kheda Aaspur,Dungerpur
  2. Dungarpur Puplic School , Dungarpur
  3. Govt. Sr. Sec. School,Punali, Dungarpur
  4. Higher Secondary School, Punali , Dungarpur
  5. Modern School,Kothari Bhawan, Shastri Colony, Dungarpur
  6. Maharawal Sr. Sec. School, Hanuman Ji Ka Dhala,Dungarpur
  7. Modern Secondary School,Dungarpur
  8. Government Senior Secondary School,Bankora,Dungarpur
  9. Pinhe No 2, Higher Sec. School,Near Nagar Palika ,Dungarpur
  10. Rama Kunvar Sr. Sec. School, Dungarpur
  11. Saifiah Sr. Sec. School, Galiyakot, Dungarpur
  12. Saifiah Sr. Sec. School, Sagwara, Dungarpur
  13. Saifiyah Sec. School,Dungarpur
  14. Saint Patricks Sec. School,Dungarpur
  15. Saraswati Vidhya Niketan Sec. School,Chitri, Dungerpur
  16. Shree Jamnadas Mahadevji Sr. Sec. School,Kharagada, Dungarpur
  17. Shree Vadel Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School,Sagwara, Dungarpur
  18. Shree Vivekanand Bal Vidhya Peeth, Dungarpur
  19. Shri Kishan Lal Garg Govt Sr. Sec. School,Dungarpur
  20. Shrinath Public School,Vallabh Bhawan,415 Shivaji Nagar,Dungerpur
  21. SMBP Govt Girls Sr. Sec. School,Simalwara, Dungarpur
  22. Springdales Sr. Sec. School, Dungarpur
  23. St. Patrick's School, Petela, Dungarpur
  24. Vadel School, Dungarpur
  25. Vidhya Niketan Sec. School,Sagwara, Dungerpur
  26. Vidya Niketan School,Mathu Ghamda Gokul Pura ,Dungarpur
  27. Shri Naath Secondary School,Industry Area, Dungarpur,
  28. Vidya Niketan Sec. School,Gokulpura,Dungarpur
  29. Wisdom Arena Academy Samalya , Karada, Dungarpur