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Jodhpur Schools, Rajasthan: List of Schools in Jodhpur with their details
  1. A.B.Memorial School E-43, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur
  2. Adarsh Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. School,Bawdi, Jodhpur
  3. Adarsh Bal Vidhyalay Kamla Nehru Nagar, Jodhpur
  4. Adarsh Madhyamic Vidyalay, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Jodhpur
  5. Adarsh Public School, Plot No.52, HB B.J.S. Colony, Jodhpur
  6. Adarsh Vidya Mandir, B Road, Paota, Jodhpur
  7. Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Sardarpura, Jodhpur
  8. Agarwal JD Girls Sr. Sec. School,Shashtri Nagar,Jodhpur
  9. Air Force School, A.F.S. Old Pali Road, Jodhpur
  10. Air Force School,Old Ratanada Road ,Jodhpur
  11. Air Force School,Air Force Station Road ,Jodhpur
  12. Anmol Shikshan Sansthan, 23-D, 1st Road, Shakti Nagar, Jodhpur
  13. Army Public School, Ajmer Road, Opp. Gujar Market, Jodhpur
  14. B. R. Birla Public School, Green Park, Behind 18 Chopasani Housing Board, Jodhpur
  15. B.J.S.Public School, Jaswant Singh Ji Ka Hatta, Jodhpur
  16. Bal Niketan Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  17. Bharat Public Sec. School,Digadi Kalla,Jodhpur
  18. Bharti Sec. School,Pratap Nagar,Jodhpur
  19. Bhaskar Sec. School,Shastri Nagar,Jodhpur
  20. Birla Vidya Mandir, Rajshree Nagar Kharia, Khangar, Jodhpur
  21. Bright Child Academy,Jodhpur
  22. Brmhma Bag, Jodhpur Phone: 0291-2435270
  23. BSF Central School, Mandore Road, Bsf Area,Jodhpur
  24. Cambridge Public Sec. School,Chopasni Road,Jodhpur
  25. Central Academy, Sr. Sec. School,Paota,Jodhpur
  26. Central Academy,Ratanada,Jodhpur
  27. Central Modren Public School, Near Air Lal Maidan, Paota, Jodhpur
  28. Central Morden Sr. Sec. School,Pawta,C.Road,Jodhpur
  29. Childern's Public Academy, Near Krishna Mandir, Ratanada, Jodhpur
  30. Childrens Happy School,First B Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur
  31. Chopasani School,Chopasani Road,Jodhpur
  32. Dayanand Vidhya Mandir,Ratanada,Jodhpur
  33. Delhi Public School, Pal Road, Jodhpur
  34. Deep Jyoti Sec. School,Gandhipura,BJS,Jodhpur
  35. Delhi Public School, Bye Pass Road, Jodhpur
  36. Desert Public School,Jodhpur
  37. Frobell Children School, B Road, Paota, Jodhpur
  38. Gandhi Adarsh Bal Vidhya Mandir,Lalsagar,Jodhpur
  39. Ganesh Bal Niketan Sec. School,Basni,Jodhpur
  40. Geetanjali Sr. Sec. School,Mahamandir,Jodhpur
  41. Gems Convent Sec. School,Rameshwar Nagar,Jodhpur
  42. Gem's Convent Secondary School, Rameshwar Nagar, Basni Phase1, Jodhpur
  43. Gitanjali School, Near Maha Mandir Choraha, Jodhpur
  44. Glory Montessary School,Jodhpur
  45. Glory Public School Shakti Nagar Road No.4, Paota C Road, Jodhpur
  46. Gopal Bal Vatika Sec. School,Shobhawat Nagar,Jodhpur
  47. Green Sleeve Public School Plot No.-240,241, New Colony B.J.S., Jodhpur
  48. Gurukul Sec. Sch,Phalodi
  49. Gurukul Sec School,Siwanchi Gate,Jodhpur
  50. Gyan Jyoti Sec. School,Bhiyali,Mandore,Jodhpur
  51. Hanwant Adarash Vidya Mandir Lal Sagar, Jodhpur
  52. Holi Spirit Sr. Sec. School,Paota,Jodhpur
  53. Mahesh Children School,Near Bombay Motors, Jodhpur
  54. Ishaquia Sec. School,Near Yatim Khana, Khanda Falsa ,Jodhpur
  55. LBS School,Subhash Chowk, Ratanada ,Jodhpur
  56. Jesus Mery Public School, 105, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Jodhpur
  57. Jodhpur Public Sec. School,Sojati Gate,Station Road,Jodhpur
  58. K R Public Sec. School,Paal Road,Jodhpur
  59. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Air Force Station, Jodhpur
  60. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2, Army Area, P.O. Laxmi Nagar, Jodhpur
  61. Kesher Public School, 568, B.J.S.Colony, Jodhpur
  62. Konark Secondary School, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Jodhpur
  63. L.B.S.School, Paota Road, Jodhpur
  64. M.A.K.A.Muslim Se.Sec.School Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  65. Maharshi Gautam Sr. Sec. School,Ratanara,Jodhpur
  66. Mahatma Gandhi Sr. Sec. School, Jodhpur
  67. Maheshwari Sr. Sec. School, Jodhpur
  68. Mandor Public Sec. School,Mandor,Jodhpur
  69. Maria Montessori School,Jodhpur
  70. Mayur Montessori Public School,Ratanada,Jodhpur
  71. Mother Teresa Sec. School,Soor Sagar,Jodhpur
  72. National Public Sec. School, Jodhpur
  73. Navin Bal Vidhya Mandir, Near Barkettulla Stadium, Pal Road, Jodhpur
  74. New Angels Academy, B-72, Kamla Nehru Nagar, 1st Extn., Jodhpur
  75. Om Vidhya Mandir Sec. School,Rameshwar Nagar,Jodhpur
  76. Oxford Public School, Chopasni Housing Board, Jodhpur
  77. Oxford Public School, Jalorigate, Jodhpur
  78. Pooja Public School, 3A/3, 1st Puliya, Chopasani Housing Board, Jodhpur
  79. Phoolchand Girls Sec. School,Singhpole,Jodhpur
  80. R.K.Public School, M.G.Hospital Road, Jodhpur
  81. Radhakrishan Shikshan Sansthan Sec. School,Borunda, Jodhpur
  82. Rajasthan Public Sec. School,Jodhpur
  83. Rajiv Gandhi Public School, 6th Shakti Nagar, Jodhpur
  84. Rajmahal Middle School,Layakan, Mohalla,Jodhpur
  85. Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial School,Borunda, Jodhpur
  86. Rose Marry Public School, 18/3, Nand Govind Bhawan, Paota C Road, Jodhpur
  87. St. Faith's Public School, Hanwant, B 61, B.J.S. Colony, Jodhpur
  88. Sangaria Public Sec. School,Indira Nagar,Salawas Road,Jodhpur
  89. St Anthony's School, Jodhpur
  90. St. Johns Secondary School,Ratanada,Jodhpur
  91. Sardar Sr. Secondary School, Jodhpur
  92. St. Andrews School,Near Azad Hind College, Sardarpura, Jodhpur
  93. Sainik Montesori School,Jodhpur
  94. St. Patrick High School,Sardarpura,Jodhpur
  95. Shree Maharaja Sec. School,Sardar Pura,Jodhpur
  96. Shree Mahaveer Little Rose Public Sec. School,Chopasni,Jodhpur
  97. Shree Maheshwari Sr. Sec. School,Jodhpur
  98. Shree Saraswati Bal Vidhya Bharti,Sur Sagar,Jodhpur
  99. Shree Sewasadan Sec. School,Kagakshetra,Jodhpur
  100. Shree Sumer Sr. Sec. School,Jodhpur
  101. Shree Vaidik Kanya Sr. Sec. School,Bagar Chowk,Jodhpur
  102. Shanti Gyanpeeth Sec. School,Bithari, Jodhpur
  103. Shishu Niketan Sec. School,Maderna Colony,Jodhpur
  104. Shiv Bal Nikunj Sec. School,Pratap Nagar,Jodhpur
  105. Shiv Balika Sec. School,Pratap Nagar,Jodhpur
  106. Shri Adarsh Bal Vidhya Mandir,Kamla Nehru Nagar,Jodhpur
  107. Shri Bal Krishan Shishu Middle School, Scheme, Jodhpur
  108. Shri Bhagwan Adarsh Vidhya Mandir Sec. School,Balarwa, Jodhpur
  109. Shri Ganesh Sec. School,Vidaya Nagar,Jodhpur
  110. Shri Hanuvant Higher Secondary School Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  111. Shri Laxmi Bal Vikas Primary School, Chandi Hall, Jodhpur
  112. Shri Mahesh Senior Secondary School, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  113. Shri Ram Vidya Mandir Sec. School,Teori, Jodhpur
  114. Shri Saraswati Bal Vidhya Mandir Sec. School,Looni,Jodhpur
  115. Sir Pratap Sr. Sec. School,Jodhpur
  116. Sri Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Public School, 6 Shakti Nagar, C-Road, Paota, Jodhpur
  117. St Austins School Shakti, Nagar Road-2, Paota C Road, Jodhpur
  118. St Don Bosco School New Loco Gate, Ratanada, Jodhpur
  119. St. Anne's School, Sector B Saraswati Nagar, Jodhpur
  120. St. Anthony's School,Paota A Road, Jodhpur
  121. St. Austins School, Shakti Nagar Road-2, Paota C Road, Jodhpur
  122. St. Patrick's Sr. Sec. School, Jodhpur
  123. St. Paul's School, Shastri Circle, Jodhpur
  124. Sunrise Public Sec Sch,B J S,Jodhpur
  125. Tagore School,Bilara,Jodhpur
  126. Thaar Public Sec. School,Meera Marg,Jhalamand Chouraha,Jodhpur
  127. Ujjawal Upper Primary School, 3rd B Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur
  128. Umaid Art School, Sojati Gate,Jodhpur
  129. St. Anne's School,Saraswati Nagar, Jodhpur
  130. St. Anne's School, Rajeev Nagar, Jodhpur
  131. St.Patricks School,Jodhpur
  132. Varun Vidhya Mandir,Paharganj Colony,Lalsagar,Jodhpur
  133. Veer Durga Das Sec. School,Setrava,Jodhpur
  134. Vidhya Bal Niketan ,Jodhpur