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D-Innovation’s main motive is to help out students all the way. Our priorities; taking students to the right path, help them to choose right schools and colleges suiting their needs. We will also guide you to shape your career better with lots of professional courses, short term, vocational and other courses after schooling. A well known fact is every student has different criteria in terms of his mental capability, learning capacity, career goal, personal interest and in fact family background and financial status too, so their choices for career varies a lot. Here we will help you out with the best possible alternatives matching your criteria with our Counseling and information.

What is Relationship Counseling and why it is required?

Relationship counseling: Relationship Counseling is kind of counseling which is most required in present scenario as in one of our survey we have find out lots of problems which are distorting the relationships. Some of the common problems are:

So called high expectations of parents with their children to be on Top and beat every competition (as every parent demand their children to be the best one, which is practically not possible because every child has its own capabilities, expectations, strengths and dreams which always varies from child to child and it is being ruined sometimes with wrong decisions taken by the parents and hence children/kids starts to avoid parents at such a tender age, which in future creates Psychological problems also. Beware; sometimes this kind of situation can develop criminal psychology in your kids/children.

Generation Gap is becoming a bigger issue especially in upper-middle and middle-middle class families. Generation gap is a kind of problem which arises when a kid reaches in his/her teen age. This is the time when your child is going to be in his/her secondary, higher secondary or college and communication gap among family members at this time lead a student to build outside relationships and sometimes, making relations is good but sometimes bad companions can ruin their whole life.

Now the case with the grown ups i.e. Change in life style (till the decade of ninety, age for marriage was around 17-20 for both guys and girls and now the concept is totally changed, career has taken the place of priority and girls prefer 26+ years and boys prefer around 28+ years for their marriage and even if they married earlier they plan for child after 4-5 years, this is the common situation in Upper middle class and high class families, where as in the middle-middle class and lower-middle class families youths have been developing same psychology but as of family pressures and other situations they get marry earlier but the major issue starts when they can not completely compromise with the situation and then distance, stress, frustration etc. starts taking place instead of love and happiness in relationships. This is more critical situation as this is the time for youths to make their stand in and create a platform for a stable and good career and meanwhile these issues really hassle both career and relationships.

Live in relationships and Love affairs are common issues (in our surveys we found out most love affairs lasts for 2-3 years and then they break up and in fact if in case of love marriages, 90% marriages are unsuccessful). Again same thing happens, a big start for mental stress, frustration, depression etc.

So these are some examples which spoil study, career and life badly.

Note: there are lots and lots of problems which varies from person to person and according to situation. Practically, it is difficult to cover all issues.

Consult us and manage your relations and career both.